About Me

A Standard American Dad and his son sitting near a tent at sunset.

About Me, a Standard American Dad:

Now that you have arrived at this site you are probably asking yourself, “What is a Standard American Dad?”.

The Standard American Dad is everyone from New Dads to Grandpas to future dads or even dog dads. The truth is you don’t even have to be a dad to appreciate our insight, experience, and reviews. If you find yourself running short on time and feeling pulled to obligations from all directions, then we already have a lot in common. If you are reading my reviews and blog entries, you might as well know a little about me.

Education and Career:

Currently, at the time of creating this website (2019) I’m in my early 30’s, a couple years into marriage, and am a two time father to a 3 year old boy and baby girl.  I hold 2 Bachelor’s degrees. First, a traditional Bachelor’s degree in Geology. Second, a Bachelor’s in Information Technology completed online. My online schooling was completed while working overtime hours in construction inspection, and helping to care for our newborn boy. To this day I still haven’t figured out how I balanced it, and have yet to catch up on sleep.

 I moved on from a career in commercial construction inspection that began after earning my first bachelors degree followed by a stint in the oilfield. Next, I spent a period of time as a property manager, where I learned a lot about people. I began climbing the ranks of the IT world beginning as an entry level call center tech. Now I work as a Software Support Engineer in an automated distribution center. But all of this is just my career and what makes me a dad. Keep an eye on the Gear for Kiddos page to see what products we are using for Playtime, Learning, and everything else.

Hobbies and Interests:

Though free time is limited I attempt to maintain personal hobbies and interests in order to keep my sanity. I live in the Midwest, where drastic seasonal weather changes are the norm. Because of this, I tend to trade out my hobbies to match the season. When I get spare time you might find me doing one of the following:

+ Mountain Biking
+ Softball
+ Yard Work

+ Softball
+ Camping
+ Fishing (new)

+ Deer Hunting (Archery and Firearm)
+ Mountain Biking

+ Ice Hockey
+ Gaming

Check out the Time for Dad page for some of Hobby and Interest Reviews.

One activity that I try to keep up year round is some form of fitness. Keep an eye on the DadBod page for my latest habits and reviews.