Big Toys Green Country Review – Kids Ride On Toys

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My Big Toys Green Country Review actually came into existence due to a couple of broken parts. Normally broken parts would be alarming but with a 5 year old driving off road its bound to happen. This is especially true with the condition of our yard after recent construction!

The reason broken parts led me to write a Big Toys Green Country review was because of the no hassle warranty. I sent an email notifying of an issue and asking for troubleshooting assistance. The next day I was given troubleshooting advice, the test failed and they shipped a new steering motor no questions asked. Unfortunately, it got lost in the mail thanks to the pandemic and we didn’t receive it for 3 weeks. But once it was received the fix was spot on. Back in Business!

In the Garage:

24v Challenger XL 4×4 Buggy Review:

Big Toys Green Country Review Challenger XL 4x4 Buggy
Day 1 with the new Ride!

This is the favorite ride for our littles. They drive it all over our land without having to have dad act like a tow truck and drag it back to the house (this happened many times with our Peg Perego Gator). Use caution on the first drive! Our 5 year old drastically underestimated his speed and turning radius crashing into grandmas fence on his turn around. Don’t worry everyone was buckled up and the car and drivers were in perfect working order!

Challenger XL 4x4 is plenty big for a driver and teacher!
Little sis wanted to test out her driving skills with the help of Bubba


  • 24v with audible low battery warning
  • Up to 45 min ride time
  • Fun Radio for the passenger to control
  • Functioning horn and start up sounds.
  • Seatbelts (5 pt harness) I had to tie the straps together in front of the headrest to tighten it up to hold our youngest shoulders.
  • Rubber Tires- great traction compared to traditional plastic tires.
  • 4×4 keeps it from getting stuck everywhere
  • Simple charging port on dash doesn’t have to be opened and battery unhooked for charge.
  • Charge indicator on the radio
  • Remote Control allows dad to park the truck back in the garage in the event it gets left out at dinner time.
  • Power steering
  • Functional Doors
  • Good for kids ages 3 to 9
  • Warranty – 6 month excluding tires, battery, and charger.
  • 2 Speed modes up to 6 mph


  • Letting off the gas can sometimes cause an abrupt stop, other times it unpredictably rolls as if in neutral.
  • Too many stickers (we left a lot off for a sleeker look)
  • Seatbelt harness is wide where it goes around the seat. Smaller children wont get the benefit from the shoulder straps
  • Dad is too big to ride it.
  • Cost (large upfront cost, but not bad in comparison to other cars using only 12v)
  • Can’t lock into low speed mode.
  • Suspension is more for looks than function in my opinion.

Toyota Tundra Ride on Truck Review (technically in Grandma’s garage)

The Tundra that stays at grandmas hasn’t seen as much use as the Challenger XL Buggy. However when the Buggy went down for a bad steering motor we brought it over and I got to see it in use much more. The kids enjoyed it but dad is more of a 4×4 guy… They got stuck a time or two and I learned that the charger isn’t the same as the one for the Challenger.


  • The stereo is way better than the Challenger!
  • Functioning horn and start up sounds.
  • Shorter truck takes up less space in the garage
  • 2 WD version can have the rear wheels picked up and pushed where parents need it (we left the controller at grandmas)
  • Rubber tires
  • Functional Doors
  • Single speed up to 5mph
  • Ride time up to 90 min.
  • Warranty – 6 month parts but excludes tires, battery, and charger.


  • Charging port is harder to find, but still accessible below the passenger seat.
  • 2 wheel drive
  • No shoulder straps on seatbelt.
  • Light weld on steering linkage had to be tack welded back in place. (Big Country offered a new front axle assembly on warranty)
  • Rated up to 4 year olds?
  • Dual 12v batteries, great over competitors, less optimal than the 24v versions.

Peg Perego 24v John Deere Gator XUV 6×4

This was our first 2 seat ride on vehicle. It was great as a beginner because it drives like a bus and they couldn’t tear it up! This thing is tough and served us well but that was partially because we didn’t know what else was out there. We actually still have it and the kids like to use it for days they are manning their egg stand or helping to pick up yard debris. Its not costing us anything but space so they can keep it for now I suppose!


  • Big and Rugged
  • Huge dump bed for carrying toys
  • Speed Lockouts for safety
  • Great for helping pick up sticks and toys left in the yard before mowing!
  • In 3 years of ownership only one part has gone bad. (It was a control board). Phone service helped troubleshoot board by testing terminals with a jumper wire.


  • No Doors (our littlest bailed out a time or two)
  • Hard Plastic Tires slip a lot
  • Battery Runs out with little warning
  • Have to open a trap door and unhook battery to plug it in.
  • No seatbelts
  • Control Boards are outrageous in price!

Big Toys Green Country Review Summary:

We’ve had these trucks for less than 6 months (as of February 2021) still but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by their quality for as much use as our kids have put them through. I try to be a bit strict on our kids and how they take care of their nicer toys so I would recommend a similar approach if you do order one. This was not our 5 year old’s first vehicle, I feel that it may be a bit much to control for a brand new driver. I suppose that is what the remote is for though, right?

Grandpa was the one that assembled both of these trucks so unfortunately I can’t vouch much for the assembly process. But it did look a bit involved. All I’ve done is a little maintenance and repair here and there.

I hope you enjoyed my review. If you choose to order one head on over to their website here. We are not affiliated in any way at this time. I have been impressed with their straight forward customer service and felt I owed them a write up. Thanks Ryan!

Also, if you do order one let me know your thoughts in the comments!