Bloccs Waterproof Cast Cover – Does it really work?

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Why is it that injuries to ourselves or our little ones always happen at the most in opportune time? Fear not, the summer vacation can be salvaged with a Bloccs waterproof cast cover!

Summer Break in a Cast

This year right in the middle of the Covid-19 Pandemic our 4 year old fell on the playground. The result of the fall was a broken forearm that required an over the elbow cast. He was immediately sad to learn that he couldn’t play in his sand box, or have normal bath playtime until his cast was off. A couple weeks into being stuck in the house everyone was stir crazy and disappointed to be likely to cancel our lake trip. We decided to take a salvage the summer using a waterproof sleeve for the cast so that he could participate in water activities and sand castle building.

Testing the Bloccs Waterproof Cast Sleeve

After reading reviews and asking local parenting Facebook groups we settled on the Bloccs Waterproof Cast Cover. We took a couple quick measurements to ensure fit and placed our order on Amazon. A couple days later it arrived and we tested it out in the bathtub. Success! However, we didn’t submerge it just yet but it was able to protect against splashes.

Bloccs Waterproof Cast Cover on Amazon

The next trial was a lake trip. Full on swimming still wasn’t allowed but splashing on the lily pad behind the boat was another success. We were also able to get in some one-armed sand castle building on the beach without getting sand inside the cast. Could you imagine having a grain of sand in that thing for 6 weeks? That would make a grown man cry!

When we put the Bloccs Cast Cover on we always made sure to get he upper seal to lay flat. I was always concerned that a curl or wrinkle in it might allow it to leak. We also tried to press most of the air out of it prior to starting in on our water or sand activity.

All in all we were able to have an altered but fun summer.

As a side note…

If your employer offers a supplemental Accident Insurance I HIGHLY recommend at least looking into it. Ours has Wellness Dr. Visit riders that nearly cover the annual premiums. We had never used the accident portion of it until this year but have now put two claims on it and covered all of the medical expenses. It is a no brainer for me with two highly active young children and a few of my somewhat risky hobbies like mountain biking, construction, and hunting.