Affiliate Disclaimer

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We all know as dads our time and funds are at a premium. To offset the time and money spent building, producing content, and maintaining this site as well as acquiring products for requested reviews I have enrolled in Affiliate Marketing Programs. Therefore I earn a small commission on some of the products listed here. As a result this Affiliate Disclaimer page is a requirement for many of these programs. While many links earn commissions, some are simply reference links for reader convenience. These may link directly to a manufacturer’s site for additional details or even to another blog or page that can provide insightful or entertaining information.

Our Current Affiliates include:

Business partnerships and arrangements change frequently for one reason or another. Therefore this list is subject to change with or without notice. So, in the event of a change I will do my best to update the list above in a timely manner.

Also, If you feel that your brand would be an excellent fit on our website please reach out because new innovative products and ideas intrigue me and I am excited to test them out! But I assure that I own or have used all of the items that appear in our reviews. The exception to this general rule may include updated versions of items I own or wish list items but will be noted as such. Don’t expect any phony reviews here!

Amazon Affiliate Disclaimer:

In addition, The Standard American Dad is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to