Dad Bod

Silhouette of Father showing off the Dad Bod with son on shoulders at Sunset

Build or Rebuild the Dad Bod

In the recent years after becoming a dad spare time has become a luxury. I like to make the best of it by being efficient in the use of my time. In the not so distant past I “drank the kool-aid” and became a Crossfit junkie. Fast forward 6+ years and the dad bod is trying to become a real life thing. Fitness and physical activity is still a priority in my life, but it needs to be completed in a shorter amount of time. Gone are the days of wasting 2 hours a day to get in a 30-45 minute workout. In the past, I would spend 30 minutes driving each direction. And I would be selling myself short if I forgot to add in that 10-15 min of hanging out and complaining before starting to workout or starting the trek home. Now, there is less time available to be devoted to fitness. I find myself placing more effort into finding a workout that suits my personality, physical ability, and time limits.

Maintain It

Recovery and mobility is now a larger factor than in years past. Intense activity leaves my body in need of recovery time. Fueling my dad bod properly has become the hardest part for me. I can no longer workout enough to eat what I want. So, balance in the diet is now more important than ever. As I find options in these areas I will be sure to share my findings. Many of my solutions are temporary or cyclical in nature so keep checking back.

Cover It

No matter how proud we are of what we’ve built we have to cover our dad bod most places we go. Therefore I like to wear clothing that is both functional and presentable while maintaining comfort. I tend to find a few brands like Kuhl and Free Fly that I love the fit and style of and keep going back. As I discover new brands I will post reviews of some of my favorites and where to find them.