Cover It


Since we have to cover our Dad Bods most places we go, we might as well choose functional clothing that serves us well both in fit, comfort, and looks. In addition to being functional, clothing needs to be of an adequate quality when compared to the price. This is a major factor for me when I am making purchases and becoming attached to a brand. I tend to shop in what I would call a moderate price level, avoiding the extreme luxury market all together. And only utilizing the low quality market for clothing needs where I expect them to become damaged, like construction or farming type clothes. But don’t get me wrong, I do love a good bargain bin purchase from some my go to brands.

My wardrobe is heavily divided based on my activity for the day and current season. At my place of employment dress code is casual with company shirts. For this reason, I don’t typically collect a lot of business type clothing. On the other hand, several of my hobbies like mountain biking and hunting each require specialty clothes and gear. When shopping for casual everyday wear I tend to find brands I enjoy and keep coming back to them.

My Tastes:

We all have different opinions on clothing and how we want to present ourselves. My reviews are created based on what I own and wear, so I apologize if there isn’t something for everyone. For looks my tastes often steer me away from team apparel type clothing and I opt for more simple, plain looks. As for fit I generally look for an athletic fit on shirts. I like shorts that hit around mid knee. And I’m weird about my pants. For casual/outdoor wear I have recently been prone to get something with articulated knees and stretch panels. I generally wear them with athletic shoes or hiking boots. My jeans are where I get finicky! ‘Boot cut’ is my go to style because I have a mental block and can’t wear athletic shoes with jeans. Boots are the only option. Other people look fine in jeans with a variety of other shoes but when I look down at my own feet it bothers me. Call me weird but it its always been this way!

In this section you can find my reviews for some of my favorite brands whether it be for Casual, Fitness, Hunting, or Specialty use. I only buy functional clothing, so don’t expect to see much on here that isn’t practical.