Maintain It


After submitting myself to years of roller coaster workouts and clean eating attempts, I’ve learned that maintaining a healthy dad bod is the most difficult part of health, fitness, and wellness. I’m one of those people that if time allowed I would spend countless hours in the gym just so that I could eat whatever I felt like. In the past my body would just burn it off with few ill effects other than sore muscles and joints. I caused these aches and pains from extended periods of working out without sufficient recovery. Or from letting my ego push me to make poor decisions when maxing out a lift in cross fit.

Maintaining a Healthy Life with Balance:

Now, as a father and a couple years down the road this lifestyle is no longer an option. A balance is needed now more than ever. Workouts are more sporadic, recovery is slower, sore backs are more common, and body fat % is harder to lower. However, I did finally learn to check my ego at the door.

I’m still learning what works for me and trying to find a healthy balance between nutrition, recovery, and fitness. Currently, I’m trying to navigate these uncharted (to me) territories by filtering through the endless supply of information on the web. I’m doing this in search of discovering my own version of healthy living. I’m sharing some of my discoveries, likes, and dislikes along my journey of maintaining a healthy dad bod. These might range from meals and cookware, to vitamins and supplements, to stretching and pain relief, and even some grooming products to help make you look good even though you may not feel it. If you have any suggestions or requests let me know and I will look into them. I’ll try suggestions that appear to be a good fit for my world and post my thoughts.