Build or ReBuild It


Family expansion not only brings the need for increased responsibility but also creates a need for family friendly fitness options. As new dads many of us who were once fitness addicts find our activity levels suppressed. We remain busy our life feels sedentary after joining the ranks of fatherhood. It is a difficult balance making sure we spend time with family and get everything we need to do in a day checked off the list. Fitness is often one of the first pieces to be removed from the To-Do List as a “non-necessity”. For this reason, I am constantly looking for ways to make fitness as efficient as possible and searching for family friendly fitness ideas.

Family Friendly Fitness Benefits:

+ Kids get to see Mom and Dad making physical activity a standard part of life. Hopefully they will mirror this behavior as they grow older.
+ We get to spend time as a family, often outdoors. Multitasking at its finest. (I’m thinking stroller or bike trailer on Greenway trails)
+ If the kids are big enough to participate it helps burn all of their built up energy. This way they are happier when awake and sleep better at night.

Utilize a Gym with Childcare Options:

When the weather prevents family participation outdoors we try to maintain a membership at a local gym with childcare. Crossfit is my first choice but its expensive and time consuming due to geographical location. Our next option is the local Park Board Family Center. Here we can get the basics in while the kids play in a supervised childcare room. I recommend making this an exciting/fun event. Our toddler loves to socialize so we usually remind him that there will be other kids at the gym. He usually jumps at the idea and we are good to go. This way a trip to the gym doesn’t begin with a temper tantrum exhausting all involved of any motivation they once had. But be efficient don’t give them time to feel abandoned! Short visits frequently trump 1 long visit every 2 weeks.

Build a Home or Garage Gym:

The Covid-19 Pandemic has changed our lives in many ways, likely forever if you ask me. I was lucky enough to already have most of the things I needed for a garage gym. If you already have one great! USE IT! If you are wanting to start one its going to cost a bit extra right now. But with careful planning and patience it can still be done, and likely for less than a year of Crossfit Membership. A few of my favorite pieces are reviewed below.

My schedule and available time is constantly changing. Therefore, I’m frequently changing my workout routine (or lack of routine) to match that season or phase of life. As I discover new plans, equipment, or ideas I will continue to post information and reviews in this section.