Easy Warzone Settings for Consoles

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Getting frustrated with getting wrecked every time you get into a gunfight in Warzone? Even though the playing field is the same it does not mean it is equal. PC gamers and Streamers find ways to add to their superior skill with setting modifications. Fortunately for us casual console gamers there are some easy warzone settings for consoles. By making in-game setting adjustments we can change gameplay in ways that will help reduce the gap created by superior hardware and infinite adjustability. Feel free to use all of my changes or a combination of the ones that work for you. Most of these changes will feel like second nature within a round or two.

Easy Warzone Settings for Console Controllers:

Button Layout:

You don’t have to buy a Scuf or Elite controller to improve functionality. There are a mind boggling number of presets to choose from, or you can create your own mapping. Personally I like the Tactical layout which leaves everything the same but swaps crouch/slide with melee. This way you can click the right thumbstick and slide while maintaining the ability to aim. Some buddies that spent most of their gaming days in Halo still prefer bumper jumper formats, its just not for me. You do you!

Easy Warzone settings for console controllers
This may not be the most efficient layout but its a step above default and easy to learn.

Joystick Sensitivity:

Speaking of personal preference a group of easy warzone settings for consoles that can have an enormous impact on the control of your soldier are the joystick sensitivity settings. These range from 0-20 with 20 being out of control while 0 is for the heaviest of hands. Default is around 4 or 5 and I tend to stay in this area. I also dialed down my High zoom sensitivity because my movements were still too heavy with a sniper. I bump up my low zoom sensitivity a couple decimals so that I can keep up with players in close quarters.

Controller Setting Adjustments for Console Players

Button Behavior:

The next few controller adjustments I highly recommend. First scroll down to ‘Use/Reload Behavior’, change it to Contextual Tap. This makes it so that when you approach anything you can just tap X instead of holding it to perform the action of opening a box, picking up a weapon, entering a vehicle etc. No hold = time saved. Next, Move down to ‘Slide Behavior’ and make it Tap as well. This is especially handy when paired with ‘Automatic Sprint’ as it makes it easy to slide through doorways or behind objects while aiming. Automatic Sprint makes your character sprint without clicking the left joystick. This way anytime you move forward you will cover more ground and be more difficult for enemies to hit.

This one takes a bit of time to change habits. I still get stuck in vehicles with it!
Sliding feels like second nature with tap turned on.
Automatic Sprint was a game changer for me!

In addition to the behavior changes I also disabled vibration. I noticed glitches where I would experience vibration constantly when in the Gulag and also felt like vibration added stress and slowed reactions.

Easy Warzone Settings for Console Graphics and HUD:

Visual Effects:

If you have ever watched Streamers play chances are the quality of their image looked worse than yours. Chances are its not just the platform for viewing. Many are turning down certain graphic properties which can slow or blur gameplay as a result making enemies harder to spot. On a console we have a limited number of adjustments. First is ‘Film Grain’, this is just an aesthetic resource drain. Get rid of it by setting it to Zero.

Easy warzone setting for consoles (graphics)

Next is ‘Motion Blur – World and Weapon’ these just add realism to your character showing a blurred image as you spin. Turn them off to keep a crystal clear image at all times thus allowing quicker target acquisition.

Easy Warzone Settings for Consoles (Accesbility/visibility)
Highly Recommend Disabling Motion Blur – Colorblind, Mini Map changes Optional.

In my image you might have noticed I used ‘Colorblind Type: Deuteranopia’. I’m not actually colorblind but I do like the palette of colors in this pack better than all of the standard greys in the game.


Below that other optional adjustments are ‘Mini Map Shape: Square’ and ‘Mini Map Rotation’. Square just shows a larger map but cuts off some of your view, this is acceptable to me. Mini-map Rotation, the jury is still out for me on this one. In theory having a mini map locked (disabled) to North = up makes sense to me. After all I’m a direction kind of guy in real life. Some of my buddies even give compass heading callouts for enemies but when I locked my mini-map rotation I was going the wrong direction constantly! It only lasted 1 game and I did it among all of these other adjustments. Maybe I will revisit the idea at some point in the future.

Easy Warzone Settings for Console Audio:

Audio is a great way to identify threats in Modern Warfare: Warzone. If you have a gaming headset the best two ‘Audio Mix’ settings are Boost High and Boost Low. Boost High makes it easier to hear gunshots and bullets whizzing by. Boost Low makes footsteps the loudest but also amplifies all of the other low frequency sounds making whizzing bullets difficult to identify. I’m still bouncing back and forth between the two trying to choose which I like better. The next major adjustment should be to turn down the ‘Music Volume’. Ambient Music can be overbearing to the other in game sounds, some people turn it all the way off but I like a little bit of background sound.

Easy warzone settings for consoles

Voice Chat:

For the most part these settings are all preference in regards to your voice and mic combination. But during the Season 3 ‘ Crossplay Team Chat Gulag Glitch” we have had intermittent luck using Voice chat: ‘Mute All Except Party’ and ‘Mute All Except Friends’ to prevent teammates from losing coms mid game after making a visit to the Gulag. The other option is to play exclusively with your console type and use console parties.

10 Easy Warzone Adjustments to improve your skills!

  1. Button Layout: Tactical (swaps melee and crouch to enable sliding and aiming at the same time) Choose your preference here.
  2. Use/Reload: Contextual Tap
  3. Vibration: Disabled
  4. Slide Behavior: Tap
  5. Automatic Sprint: Automatic Sprint (always sprint when moving forward)
  6. Vibration: Disabled
  7. General-> Film Grain: Set to 0 (disables unnecessary textures)
  8. General-> World and Weapon: Disabled (keep focus during movement)
  9. Audio-> Audio Mix: Boost (Low or Hi) personal preference . Low makes footsteps and explosions louder. High makes footsteps audible and helps with bullet location.
  10. Audio-> Music Volume: Turn down or Off to hear your surroundings.

    Optional General Settings:
  11. Mini Map: Square (larger map at expense of viewing area
  12. Mini Map Rotation: Disabled (locks map to North up to help with directional call outs)
  13. Colorblind Type: Deuteranopia (I’m not colorblind but helps make the game more vibrant)

I hope you find my Easy Warzone Settings for consoles as helpful as I have. I’ve recently adopted and been happy with these as a casual gamer with buddies. I don’t use anything crazy fancy for equipment so customization is minimal in comparison to PC Gamers.

My somewhat janky Set up:

Astro A40

Wish List (for experimentation purposes):

Steel Series Arctis 9x
  • Scuf or Elite Controller (I just want to try something with paddles)
  • Wireless Headset (I’m tired of my 4 connections between headset and controller. And the mess of cables between my MixAmp and Xbox.) My sale watch list includes: