F250 Headlight Bulb Replacement Instructions

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2011 to 2015 F250 LED Headlight Bulb Replacement Instructions

My F250 Headlight Bulb Replacement instructions come from first hand experience installing new LED bulbs in my truck. After replacing the headlights on my wife’s 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe I quickly realized that Halogens just wouldn’t cut it in my truck anymore. Since hers required a bit of modification I went straight to my truck to see how doable this project would be.

I bought this truck back in the Spring and had only looked under the hood prior to purchasing it. As soon as the hood went up I remembered how limited space is in the 6.7 Powerstroke with dual batteries. I couldn’t even see the back of the headlight bulb much less get my arm down there to remove and replace it. So back to the drawing board I went. After consulting a couple of videos and wasting more time listening to rambling than I spent actually replacing them I decided a more simple tutorial was needed for F250 LED Headlight Bulb Replacement Instructions and LED Conversion (2011-2015).

First, I looked up the model number to fit my truck and realized the LED High/Low Beam combo for my 2011 F250 was significantly higher than the Low Beam Bulb for her car. Next, I watch listed them on Amazon and waited until Honey sent me an email notifying that they were discounted $8 on Amazon Prime Day (Never heard of the discount code app Honey? Check out my review here!) . After double checking the model number for my truck I placed the order. I received them a few days later and waited for a day below 95 F so that I could comfortably climb under the hood to install them.

Required Tools to complete 2011 to 2015 F250 LED Headlight Bulb Replacement Instructions

+ H13 LED Replacement Bulbs (something like Auxbeam)
+ 10 mm Socket
+ 1/4 Drive Ratchet
+ Minimum of 6″ 1/4 Drive Extension
+ 6″ + Flat Screwdriver

Required Tools for 2011 to 2015 F250 LED Headlight Replacement Instructions

Step 1: F250 Grill Removal

1a) It sounds daunting but it is surprisingly easy. First, make note of the location of the washers by observing the indention the teeth make, with a silver marking pen, or with a strip of tape. This will help make sure the grill is lined up properly when the hood closes later. Then remove the 4 – 10mm bolts on top. Mine did not have a Push Rivet on the right side but yours might.

1b) After the 4 bolts are removed the top of the grill can be carefully tilted away from the truck. Reach behind it and use the Flat Screwdriver to press down on each of the 5 metal clips at the base. These release rather easily after the screwdriver is inserted through the hole on top. After the clips have all been released the grill can be carefully removed from the truck and sat to the side.

Bolts needed to remove the grill
4 Bolts for Grill Removal
Bolt and Clip Locations
Yellow is Bolt Locations for reference. Red is Clip Locations
2011 to 2015 F250 LED Headlight Replacement Instructions - Locations of bolts and clips for grill removal.
Back of grill bolt holes (4x) and metal clips (5x)

Step 2: F250 Headlight Unit Removal

2a) After the grill has been removed you gain access to the 2 middle bolts (10mm) that hold the headlight unit in place. Remove these along with the 1 bolt (10mm) on top. My truck did not have a bottom bolt but I have seen videos of a few (aftermarket headlights) that did have a bottom bolt between the headlight and bumper.

2b) When all bolts have been removed pull the headlight straight out away from the cab. It may hang slightly as the plastic tabs in the back snap out of the alignment slot. See the Image below.

2011 to 2015 F250 LED Headlight Replacement Instructions- pressure clip and headlight electrical socket

Step 3: Replace the Bulb with LED

3a) When the electrical socket becomes accessible go ahead and release it while the bulb is still locked into the housing. Do this by pushing on the clip while pulling on the plug. It’s much more difficult to separate after taking the bulb out of the housing.

3b) After the electrical connection is separated, twist the bulb counter clockwise 1/3 of a turn, and remove the bulb. My factory bulb left the O-ring behind and prevented my new bulb from locking into place.

3c) Remove the old O-ring and use the one that comes with the Auxbeam LED H13 bulbs for an easy fit. After its locked into place, connect the socket to the cord and test the bulbs.

Step 4: Reassemble

4a) Finally, after testing the high/low beam and confirm both are working begin reassembly by placing the 3 or 4 10mm headlight bolts back into place making sure the top bolt is in the same location in the slot.

4b) Carefully place the bottom of the grill in line with the 5 metal clip slots. Tilt the top up and gently press on the bottom of the grill to snap the clips into place one at a time. After that, give it a little pull to make sure all are secure.

4c) When the bottom is secure tilt the top back into place and reinstall the 4 bolts and washers. Ensure you line up the factory washer marks perfectly or there will be an uneven gap between the grill and hood.

4d) Wait until dark and give the truck a little test drive to appreciate your newly upgraded LED Headlights.

Images below are unedited and taken with my iPhone in the same section of road.

Halogen Image before completing  2011 to 2015 F250 LED Headlight Replacement Instructions
Before (Halogen)
Image after completing 2011 to 2015 F250 LED Headlight Replacement Instructions
After (AuxBeam F-S2 Series LED)

Summary of 2011 to 2015 F250 LED Headlight Replacement Instructions:

  1. Gather the tools needed. (10 mm socket with extension and a long flat head screwdriver)
  2. Remove the Grill. Mark Bolt locations and remove 4 bolts from the top of the grill, tilt out, and use the flat head to release the 5 metal clips on the bottom.
  3. Remove 3 or 4 (if bottom bolt exists) 10 mm bolts holding headlight housing in position.
  4. Pull headlight housing straight out.
  5. Disconnect bulb socket.
  6. Twist existing bulb 1/3 counterclockwise and remove o-ring.
  7. Install new LED Bulb, lock into place with 1/3 turn clockwise.
  8. Plug in the electrical socket and test Hi and Low beams.
  9. Reinstall headlight unit.
  10. Line up grill, press clips (5) into place, line up bolt holes (4) and tighten.
  11. Enjoy your new bright white light!

If you are looking for a budget friendly LED solution for your vehicle check out Auxbeam.com or find Auxbeam on Amazon. I chose this brand for my wife’s 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe with enclosed headlights because of the price point, active fan, and 2 year warranty. Because I’m a creature of habit I went with the same model for the truck. If you try other models leave some feedback!

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