Family Wall App Review – the best way to keep up with life!

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Welcome to my Family Wall App Review! Don’t Forget the Grocery Store List at home ever again! No I’m not talking about ordering online, which blasted into popularity because of the pandemic. In fact it became so popular it is no longer convenient in our area because you have to know what you are going to need multiple days in advance. We aren’t the best meal planners so sometimes we just have to go to the store.

A couple years ago we relied on a list that lived on the refrigerator. I frequently got a text from the wife reminding me to go to the store, and then the conversation would continue off and on through the day. When I arrived at the store I would be left scrolling through messages trying to find what all she needed. Let me introduce you to the greatest thing since sliced bread. FamilyWall, its an app that allows anyone in the family to update the grocery list from their own device, and the shopper can mark them off the list as they go into the cart! But its functions go far beyond the grocery store!

Family Wall App (Functions):

Family Wall App Review (Functions)
The Family Wall Home Screen (we use lists almost exclusively)

Free Version:

Grocery List:

The title says it all. Build your list as you discover low stock of something in the kitchen. Check it off the list when it goes in the cart, add old items right back to the cart with another click. Just make sure you refresh the list when you get to the store in case something has been added since you left the house! I learned this one the had way more than once!

Christmas Wish List:

A good way to organize gift lists for everyone you are buying for! If they have a device they can even add to it on their own!

Private Christmas Idea List:

Its not its own kind of list but I made a list of ideas for my wife and then hid it from her. This would work good for older kids that have devices and access to Family Wall too.

To Do List:

This one can be assigned to family members, and can include the Honey Do List as well as the things needed for the family unit as a whole. Right now mine is dominated by house repairs in preparation for sale and remodel of a new home. But we have some family things mixed in like Signing up for spring sports for the kids!

Color Coded Calendar:

The calendar function pretty awesome. Though currently we don’t have enough going on to need it. Thanks Covid! I suggested it to a coworker and she has raved about how great it is for keeping track of her two high school age girls and all of their activites. Each activity entered can be made to include and be visible to different family members, is color coded, and can include a location, a photo, a note, multiple alerts, and customizable repetition.


Trying to meet a family member somewhere? Just Click the ‘I’m Here’ button to drop them a pin and send your current location address.

Contact List:

Enter all of the important family contacts like the Pediatrician, dentist, baby sitter or whoever else is on your list.


A family chat board for sharing messages, images, videos or whatever else you need to share.

Recipe Box:

Keep a list of all of your favorite recipes in one easy place. You can enter your own personal recipe or enter the link to a web based recipe you want to try.

Multiple Circles:

You can include a small circle with your household. And then add the grandparents and siblings into a larger circle for easy calendar sharing and event planning.

Premium Version:

I don’t need premium options so this is just a list based on what I’m locked out of in the App!

Meal Planner:

Schedules weekly meals and favorite Recipes. You can also add the ingredients you are missing for a recipe directly to the grocery list. Recipe imports from the web are also possible too… Might I suggest an absolute game changer of website for recipes? Just the Recipe You are Welcome! Just give it the URL of recipe blog you like and it’ll scan it for the recipe instructions only and eliminate all of the scrolling.

Time Table:

This one seems like a replacement for that College Paper Schedule I used to carry around. It says you can program up to 5 repeatable weeks for classes and activities. Sounds pretty handy if you are in that stage of life!

Family Wall App Review Summary:

Not all of the functions of the app are going to fit everyone’s needs. And our young family doesn’t fully utilize the calendar portion of the app yet. But we still use it on a weekly basis for grocery shopping. It also sees more use seasonally as we approach Birthdays and Christmas seasons for gift giving. I should use it more for my To Do list around the house and on the website, but if we are being honest it would just show my lack of productivity recently. I should probably do something about that huh?

Thanks for reading my Family Wall App Review. If you test it out and love it be sure and share it so that your friends and family can enjoy it too! (We are in no way affiliated, I just really like the app!)