From Day 1 in this world our kids are constantly learning from everything around them. It is our responsibility to support this learning by providing an environment that is both safe and constructive. Our family also believes in placing kids learning products throughout their environment. We like to do this by choosing toys that double as learning devices whether they know it or not. This can allow them to explore and expand their knowledge through play. Making education fun can be a beneficial lifelong habit.

Interaction with the Kids:

We try to interact with our kids like tiny adults and less like babies. And I don’t mean to say we don’t play with our kids, we just limit the goo goo gaga nonsense. We speak to them in normal English sentences and encourage conversation. We aren’t the most consistent but we have tried to introduce books early. I believe these practices have allowed our 3 year old to become an excellent communicator.

In the summer of 2018, just before turning 3 another couple on a walk overheard our toddler. He was busy telling every passerby outlandishly creative stories about a crocodile in the nearby creek. This is outlandish because we live in the Midwest. They stopped us and introduced themselves, one of them was an early childhood development teacher. Since I haven’t been around too many other kids I was briefly concerned I had missed something in our kid. But next she complimented his speech patterns, and asked if we would consider taking him to be an education model for his peers at a local school. Proud parent moment! In the end we couldn’t make the schedule work. Because we had been wait listed and finally gotten into his preschool. (Register early by the way, it took us 6 months to find one and get registered.)

Which Kids Learning Products to use:

As we find kids learning products and brands that we think are a good fit I will make reviews. And point you in the right direction of where to find them. Keep in mind we all have different learning styles and preferences. For example, we do utilize electronics for learning with our 3 year old . I understand and respect the decision of many parents who choose not to introduce electronics yet. For this reason please keep your critical words to yourself. However, If you discover something you would like a review on send me your suggestions and we will look into it!