Living with Kids


Avoid Marketing Guilt:

Whether you are already a dad or a soon to be dad we all have more to learn. Living with kids is a constant adventure that can be made easier and safer by choosing functional products. When we walk down the aisle at the store we are exposed to marketing pushing baby products into our faces . A piece of advice offered by our friend and doctor (a father of 5) prior to the birth of our first child seems so accurate in hind sight. He alerted us that soon to be parents are targeted by marketing aimed at selling products through the use of guilt. Marketers want new parents to feel like bad parents by taking advantage of inexperience and emotion. Parents are led to believe these items are necessities in order to keep their child safe and happy. And this sales method works!

Do your own research! Guilt driven marketing shouldn’t be confused with true safety guidelines such as car seat safety or SIDS prevention techniques. I’m talking more along the lines of the optional items on your registry. Things like the luxury high tech swing or over priced pair of socks.

Choose Useful Baby Products:

Even after hearing his advice, with our first born we listened to all of the suggestions. Countless websites, books, and social media influence told us everything we should by in order to keep our new little bundle of joy alive and happy. Now that we have two of these creatures we have learned that less is more if you choose the correct products.

The goal of this section is to help you choose the most useful baby products for your situation. A disclaimer for my preferences… I obviously believe in technology because I built this website and my career around it but many of the new tech products on the market are unnecessary. I draw the line at products that provide flexibility and freedom. To me sleep statistics and notifications are unnecessary in a normal situation.

Living With Kids Everyday:

As our kiddos become toddlers they bring with them a new set of challenges for parents to navigate. This might mean potty, sleep, food training (our biggest challenge to date), or anything else they can imagine up. The truth is our lives are changing just as fast as theirs. And sometimes we need to look for products to help out with the process. When we find products that have helped us and our toddler that don’t fit into the Learning or Playtime sections they will be placed here.

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