Playtime Favorites


Indoor Playtime

We are constantly doing ‘Research’ at our house looking for toys that could join our playtime favorites list. Like most kids ours go through phases of what types of toys they are really into playing with that week. Some regulars around our house are trains, dinosaurs, and robots among many others. We generally end up grabbing one of these 3 and building transport tracks, attacking other toys as dinosaurs, or performing rescue missions as Rescue Bots. Unfortunately for the artistic mom of the house arts and crafts have been met with only mediocre interest. So, we try to encourage creativity through Legos and other creative building sets for the time being.

Outdoor Playtime

We also encourage outdoor playtime around our house. Currently that situation looks like a construction zone. So our toddler breaks into action moving dirt, rocks, and sand with his construction toys. We also try to get out into the mowed part of the field. There we like to practice some soccer, wiffle ball, biking, or even just running and wrestling with the dogs. I’m still trying to figure out how to get our toddler to trek into our wooded trails with me for more than 5 minutes. My thoughts are that if he learns to enjoy exploring our wooded trails then we could eventually do some light hiking as a family to explore the local and state parks in the area.

Finding new Playtime Favorites

Even though we have a few daily favorites we are always open to expanding our horizons and trying out some new games and toys. I try to encourage scientific exploration type toys and board games as much as possible. Check back here frequently for additions to our playtime favorites list. We always try to keep an eye out for new things to introduce our little ones to. When we find something share worthy I’ll do a write up and post my thoughts here!

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