Hey Dude Wally Sox Review – Easy, Stylish, Comfortable, Packable Shoes

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Discovering Hey Dude Packable Shoes

Hey Dude Packable Shoes just showed up!
Mail Day!

I was recently introduced to Hey Dude’s packable shoes via Social Media when a friend made a post asking if they were all they were cracked up to be. His post was flooded with comments about how great they were and how many pairs each person owned. I realized a trendy shoe was emerging when later that same day someone showed up to the softball fields wearing them, and raving about how comfortable they were. I had worn my fleece lined Crocs to the park and changed into my cleats at the truck to save myself the embarrassment of showing up in fleece lined rubber shoes in 95 degree temps. Needless to say I decided right then I needed to give them a try.

A few days later I began looking into getting a pair and was pleasantly surprised at the variety of styles and colors that were available. Hey Dude Shoe styles range from casual, athletic, water, winter, and sandals. They come in almost every color imaginable with various styles and thickness of material. All while remaining budget and travel friendly. They are some of the most lightweight, versatile, washable, comfortable, and packable shoes available. I found a local store that carried Hey Dude Shoes but they didn’t have a color I wanted for my first pair. I settled for a try on to verify size and went back to the Hey Dude Shoes USA website. Depending on the brand I typically bounce anywhere from 10.5-11 in shoes. Hey Dude Shoes don’t come in 1/2 sizes and they run a little on the small side so err to the larger size. You’ll be glad you did.

Hey Dude Wally Sox just came in the mail Get your Packable Shoes today
Unique is an understatement!

What makes Hey Dude Comfort Shoes so special?

Travel Friendly

  • Packable shoes
    • Light weight (5.5 oz)
    • Fold-able and squish-able (very little space required in luggage)
  • Slip-on (easy for airport security)
  • Comfortable for long airport sprints or strolling in an ancient ruins.
  • Short on socks? Just go barefoot in them!

Machine Washable

  • Wash on Cold
  • Air dry

Stylishly Flexible

  • Wear with…
    • Jeans
    • Joggers
    • Shorts
    • Athletic Gear
    • Outdoor Gear (Kuhl is my go to pant brand)
    • Casual Church attire
  • Nearly Endless color choices

Eco Friendly Options:

  • Eco-Knit Collection
    • Currently available in 4 different styles
    • Fibers constructed of recycled water bottles
  • Flex Wood Limited Edition
    • Highlights importance of re-purposing materials
    • Cork and coconut oil insole
    • Re-purposed farm flexwood knit
    • Shipped in a custom bamboo box.
    • Partners with Kiwi’s for Kiwi in New Zealand
    • Each Shoe purchase saves one Kiwi bird for a year
  • Box Free Shipping (waives your ability for returns)

First Impression of Hey Dude Wally Sox

When I got my first pair I intended for them to be a casual errand or travel shoe that I could wear with Outdoor style Khakis. Or as a quick slip on before changing into athletic gear like softball cleats, lifters, hockey gear, or golf shoes.

To my surprise I actually thought the Hey Dude Wally Sox Shoes looked good with jeans! This is a shocker to both my wife and I because I have a complex about wearing anything but boots with my jeans. This has been a rule for me dating all the way back to Freshman year of high school. Which is when I got my first pair of Dr. Martens!

Luckily my boot tastes have evolved to more of a Western Slip on boot over the years. But this complex has shaped my wardrobe into almost entirely boot cut jeans which typically don’t work so well with tennis shoes. My Hey Dude Wally Sox have become an exception to this general rule. For the first time in 18 years I’ve found myself leaving the boots in the closet and grabbing my Hey Dude Wally Sox when we run into town for errands or church.

In their first month my Hey Dude Shoes have replaced my Crocs and have become a solid alternative to my cowboy boots when I know i’m going to be walking or standing a lot. In addition, they are extremely packable shoes (light and squishable) and versatile for travel purposes. They are also easy to slip on and off for airport security checks. Best of all if they get dirty on an adventure they can be tossed in the washing machine to freshen them up.

Expanding our Collection

Because of their modest price point, all around comfort, and versatility I plan on picking up another color or two of the Hey Dude Wally. In addition I will likely try out the sandal or water shoe next summer.

My wife was a hard sell, she showed limited interest when I showed her pictures of the shoes I wanted to get. Luckily i’m stubborn and tried them on anyway. She warmed to the idea when she saw them actually worn and learned that they are 1/2 the price of most name brand shoes. A couple weeks later the bargain shopper in her took over! Another Hey Dude Box showed up on our porch… She had picked up a pair of Hey Dude Levante Eco-Knits in the wine color from the Women’s sale page. She has been thoroughly happy with the comfort of them and the number of compliments shes gotten from her friends.


This is a brand I think I can really get behind. Founded in 2008 from Italy the brand is still gaining momentum in the US. They are doing an amazing job curating great content from social followers. Their website is both beautiful and user friendly. Shipping is quick and offers eco-friendly no box options. Join their mailing list to keep up with the constant expansion and frequent deals. For example, at Halloween they offered a special where a purchase of 3 shoes would come with a 4th mystery shoe free of charge.

I’m thinking they will be a popular item on our gift giving list for Christmas this fall too! They are affordable, eco-friendly (eco-knit models are made of recycled plastic), versatile, stylish, unisex, and a gift item no one would expect! So… Hey Dude Shoes for all! Use one of my links to help support our website!