Honey Do List

Blank Honey-Do List
The endless Honey Do List is a natural part of homeowner life.

A Blank Honey Do List CAN EXIST!
For now….

Our self performed garage build is pushing into its 18th month of existence but is finally nearing completion. I’ve learned a lot along the way but more importantly I’ve learned a lot of what not to do. In addition I have honed a few skills I didn’t know I had. And also learned some tasks that I just don’t have the patience for. As a result I now have a list of things that just need to be hired out next time. And speaking of hiring, NEVER allow someone to perform work without a written estimate even if it’s family or friends. The end result can be scheduling frustration, potentially damaged relationships , or an unexpectedly large bill.

Finally as I move beyond this behemoth of a project we will start working on some smaller tasks that can be documented better from start to finish. You can expect to read about a variety of projects. They might include: built in benches and storage, coat hangers, furniture refinishing, landscaping, paver walkways, and just general maintenance around the house. Some day soon we might even get into some kid friendly projects since our 4 year old is constantly familiarizing himself with all of Dad’s hand tools.

In addition to the projects themselves I will review some helpful or less than functional tools I pick up along the way.

And don’t forget Dad’s Blunders. We all mess up from time to time, but I might be more prone to blunders than others. Some of which, while extremely frustrating to me, are laughable when you aren’t the one fixing it. Picture things like installing 32 joist hangers using a scrap 2×8 as a template when you had 2×6 lumber for the joists. Yep that happened recently! Fail!