Hunt A Killer Review

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What if A serial killer delivered a package to your doorstep?

This Hunt A Killer Review is meant for you if you:

Can’t figure out what to buy for that couple that has everything? 

Need an excuse to get together with friends on a regular basis? 

Trying to get away from the tv and engage your brain? 

Love escape rooms but can’t get a reservation that works for your party? 

My suggestion that could answer all of these questions is the murder mystery box, Hunt A Killer.  This Hunt A Killer Review post highlights our decision to subscribe to the 2018 season, what we liked about it, and what has changed since. 

Why Subscribe to Hunt A Killer? 

The one perk to living in town up until this year was proximity to neighbors and friends.  Our family became good friends with our neighbors and we quickly learned that our go to date night was dinner and an escape room, which we never actually escaped from. A couple of times we tried to do a spur of the moment room and couldn’t get a reservation in the rooms we wanted.  I’m still convinced our phones are always listening and tracking us. So I wasn’t surprised when I was soon targeted by Facebook Ads suggesting Hunt A Killer. After seeing it a few times I eventually went to the website to check it out.

The website is well designed and lures you into exploring it more in depth and applying to see if you qualify to become an investigator.  I’m pretty sure everyone gets qualified but this way they get your email address and can send specials, deals, and marketing. I suggest using your ‘shopping email account’. A couple of weeks later Hunt A Killer ran a special where we got the first box discounted and could cancel anytime if we didn’t like it. So, we subscribed with our neighbors for the current mystery in Spring 2018.  It was an immediate hit we broke into pairs, the guys explored the physical clues in the box while the girls chased down the digital side. We were hooked from the first box, one box even traveled on a ski trip with us!

How does Hunt A Killer work?

Hunt A Killer employs a team of writers, artists, game developers, and true crime experts to design each subscription box. The box contains the physical clues but its up to you to decide what is a clue and what is a dead end. If you use the clues wisely and some of them can even be traced into the digital world.

Three Ways to Play:

The Traditional Experience (Monthly Membership): 

After signing up for a subscription, the first Hunt A Killer package will be delivered to your door. For the duration of the current season or your subscription you will receive a monthly package containing the next chapter of your story.

Each package contains clues which might not be easily identified at first.   In our season the clues led us on a trail well outside of the box. We traveled to websites, news articles, maps, and everywhere in between gaining new pieces of knowledge to help us speculate where to go next. I’m still undecided if the writers of Hunt A Killer actually developed and posted fake pages to legitimate websites. Or if the entire story was built around real life events, articles, and pages connecting them into a fictional story where it all went together.  Either way the amount of effort, detail, and creativity is mind boggling. In the event you get stuck there is also a community where you can consult others for tips or ideas, just make sure you don’t read ahead and spoil it for yourself!

Box Set Experience (Binge Mode): 

If you aren’t the patient type and want it all NOW then this is they way to play for you.  I’m thinking a winter staycation, recovery time after an injury or surgery, or if you just need a weekend to immerse yourself into a mystery and not sleep until its solved.   These box sets are left over stock from previous seasons and sell out quickly. Instead of shipping out monthly you get the whole box at once to go at your own pace. I didn’t go this route but it sounds like what we did with our subscription when we got behind due to a move. 

Premium Experience (Single Serving): 

These boxes are a single serving mystery.  They are great for a gift, a game night, holiday party, or to test the waters before subscribing to a full season.  Each box ranges from a single 2.5 hour session to a grueling 10 hour experience. I haven’t tried a premium experience yet but it might be going on a gift list!

What changed in 2019? 

Like I stated earlier I played the 2018 version.  At that time the serial killer would send you a letter and provide the clues that initiated the mystery. My season was 9 months long.   Beginning in 2019, the mystery begins when a Private Investigator invites you to participate in a 6 month investigation. Now instead of a clue trail drawn from letters you receive a police report and autopsy to create a timeline and list of suspects.  Instead of leaving you guessing for a month every box now has a beginning and end where you eliminate a suspect monthly during the ongoing mystery. 

How to Sign Up: 

Once you arrive at the website feel free to browse through the main page to help you make your decision. Play along with the intended process and “See if you Qualify” to sign up for the email list and get marketing specials. But if you know you want to join skip straight to the membership purchase page and choose between monthly (no discount, cancel anytime), single season (6 month – small discount over monthly), or double season subscription (12 month – lowest monthly cost).  If you are more interested in a single sitting mystery use the Premium option. Or if you want to binge an entire season at your own pace choose the Box Set option. For those purchasing as a gift you can send a friend a single month or 6 month subscription, maybe they will invite you to be their assistant! 

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Reasons to become a member: 

If you….
+ are tired of hanging out with friends and family and realizing everyone just sits on their phones the whole time.
+ need to reconnect with your significant other or older kids with a common interest/hobby. 
+ need an excuse to invite friends over more often
+ don’t want to get out in the winter weather for entertainment
+ are tired of spending $30 a head at escape rooms for a single hour.
+ want to host a different style of game night
+ just want to get away from the TV when you are home alone
+ want to brush up on your problem solving skills
+ wish you had become a real life detective

Reasons not to subscribe: 

If you…
– aren’t up for a challenge
– don’t like fun.
– can’t think outside of the box.
– give up easily. 
– often spoil movies, shows, or mysteries for yourself or others. 
– ‘cheat’ on your significant other by watching ahead on Netflix without them

Hunt A Killer Review – Final Thoughts: 

Hunt A Killer has become one of the most popular murder mystery subscriptions around. Still,  every time mention it to friends they’ve never heard of it but say they love escape rooms. Order yours today and invite your escape room team over for a cozy night in during the holidays! 

Thanks for reading my Hunt A Killer Review. If you are ready to jump into the murder mystery share our review with friends. And help support our site by purchasing with our links. Best of luck bringing the killer to justice!

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