Review: Easier Bedtime with Great Kids Essential Oils

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Essential Oils Designed for Kids

Have you ever had that bad dream that repeats itself on a daily basis before you ever fall asleep?  We lived this dream with our toddler for over a year on a near nightly basis. This nightmare was known as “bedtime”. Almost every day it would begin with an argument about preparing for bed by putting PJ’s on and brushing our teeth. On a good day we could have our toddler horizontal in bed within 10 minutes. While other days it could take 30 minutes to an hour.  This Kids Essential Oils Review highlights a few practices and aids we have discovered to help our family maintain sanity at bedtime.

The Old ‘Routine’

I know, I know kids need a routine, we tried and tried and continued to fail. This process frequently ended in a good cop/ bad cop situation when dad would become frustrated. After recruiting then pregnant mom to finish the task dad would retreat to recover in another room. 

Finally when PJs and teeth were brushed we began the ‘go to sleep’ process. This usually looked like parent and reluctant toddler laying in the toddler bed with our favorite blanket (review) reading a book, telling a story, listening to music, getting back scratches, or watching a bedtime episode of PJ Masks for 30 min to 1 hour before we were able to sneak away at 10-10:30 without a meltdown.  Sounds like a somewhat acceptable practice right? Maybe so for a 9 to 5 worker, but getting up at 5:30 AM for work made things more interesting. End Result = 0 time for picking up the house, writing, reading, TV, or uninterrupted conversation as a couple. 

Kids Essential Oils by Plant Therapy KidSafe Nighty Night Roll-on

Discovering Kids Essential Oils

We finally began experiencing a successful bedtime routine soon after we discovered Plant Therapy KidSafe Nighty Night . After consulting many sources for bedtime advice we committed ourselves to an 8 PM quiet time. PJs are installed and our toddler’s behind is planted firmly on a couch or bed with dimmed lights.
This became our window for getting snuggles, reading stories,  or watching 1 last episode of Netflix. After PJ installation on said toddler we also make a little figure 8 (~2” in length) using the ‘Nighty Night’  roller at the base of the neck and upper chest. If bed hasn’t been requested by 8:30 PM, its time to move to his bed for the night.  More often than not he is already down for the count by this time. This process has been successful 8/10 nights for us. The 2/10 failure rate is often caused by a bug or accidental car nap while returning home from a family outing.

While the bedtime transition could be attributed to the routine we implemented. I believe the addition of the oil played a large role in two ways. First, it gave us a single 5 second act that signified it was time for bed. This was something that is not nearly as painful to our toddler as a more abrupt act of turning the lights off. Secondly, the oil itself actually works! This is the reason I chose to write this Kids Essential Oils review. 

Puts Dad to Sleep too:

The reason I believe the oil actually works is because it helps get our wild toddler calmed into a state where he is ready to go to bed. Also, I can be wide awake during bedtime prep between 8 and 830. Frequently, after applying the oil to our toddler’s neck and back I myself fall asleep too. This is something which rarely happened prior to the introduction of Plant Therapy Kidsafe Nighty Night  into our home. 

Some info about the manufacturer: 

Plant Therapy is a already successful company in their adult line of essential oil products. But they have gone on to develop the first line of essential oils created specifically for children.  To accomplish this goal they consulted Aromatherapy expert Robert Tisserand. He is a globally known Aromatherapy public speaker, author, and product developer familiar with both Oriental medicine, western herbal and naturopathic practices. Tisserand is the creator of the KidSafe line according to Plant Therapy documentation. The KidSafe line of products utilizes carefully selected oils that are safe for children ages 2+. Even oils deemed safe for children must be diluted to 1-3% using a carrier oil. So make sure you purchase them pre-diluted or are prepared to dilute them yourself. 

My $0.02:

I am generally a skeptic of natural and alternative remedies and tend to push them to the side until forced to try them. My mother and wife are both full fledged supporters of natural remedies. So they balance my skepticism.  Because of my initial skepticism I can’t claim credit for our family’s discovery of essential oils. Consequently, this kids essential oils review was only made possible from their initial research.

Our kids were both catching colds constantly this winter. As a result my mom purchased the Germ Destroyer and Immune Boom rollers for us to try.  We decided it was worth a shot. Although not yet fully confident of their benefits we decided to go take it a step further. We added the KidSafe Nighty Night roller to our collection as well. The immune system is difficult to quantify so I can’t comfortably say that these products improved our child’s health. But I can say with the addition of Nighty Night he gets better rest. Rest that is beginning at a more reasonable time after we began incorporating the Nighty Night essential oil to his bedtime routine. 

Nighty Night Ingredients:

Kids Essential Oils: Plant Therapy Kid Safe Roller

Curious what is actually in the magic elixir bottle? Since I’m not a chemist with a full lab I can only repeat what Plant Therapy has stated is included in the oil cocktail they have created and named Kidsafe Nighty Night. The mixture contains 100% pure oils. These include:
+ Lavender for tranquility
+ Marjoram Sweet for warmth
+ Chamomile Roman for relaxation
+ Cedarwood Atlas for respiration
+ Mandarin
+ Patchouli
+ Clary Sage
+ Blue Tansy
all mixed @ a 2% dilution rate with Fractionated Coconut Carrier Oil. 

Gentle on Sensitive Skin:

Both of our kids have had a history of sensitive skin (eczema) and allergies. Therefore I was cautious to apply the oils liberally at first.  After a few trial runs and checking on both skin and breathing, I was happy to observe that we have had no issues with skin redness, dryness, itching, or stuffy nose.  Hopefully you observe the same results. Let us know if you have any adverse effects and we will be sure to pass that information along! 

Pleasant Scent, Zero Residue, Stain Free

This blend of oils smells amazing. As soon as we put it on our toddler the scent gently fills the room. It smells strongly but is not unbearable by any means.  Also, because you only apply a very small amount of oil there are no issues with excess fluids causing dampness on clothing or bedding. It would be logical for one to expect an oily residue to remain but that has not been the case. In addition, it is also a clear fluid so there is no staining or discoloration on the skin or fabric. 

Packaging and Application

Plant Therapy did an excellent job packaging this product. It comes in a sturdy glass bottle with a steel roller ball embedded under the cap. Now when I say sturdy, I’ve dropped it on the nightstand, the carpet, and tossed it onto the couch without issue. But I still wouldn’t recommend dropping it on tile, hardwood, or concrete. Unless you want to find yourself dozing off while cleaning up broken glass. 

Other KidSafe Products we have tried include:

Germ Destoyer:

This is the KidSafe version of Plant Therapy Germ Fighter (not roll-on). Germ Fighter was designed for adults who are interested in a more potent solution for themselves. Similarly, Germ Destroyer is designed to support the immune and respiratory systems via topical use (roller ball). However, you can also mix it with cleaning supplies to fight germs residing on toys and other household surfaces.

Ingredients include 100% pure essential oils including:
+ Lemon for a touch of energy
+ Rosalina and Spruce to fight congestion
+ Lavender and Marjoram for relaxation.

Other less common ingredients include:
+ Tsuga Canadensis Leaf Oil
+ Origanum Majorana Oil (Stem/Flower/Leaf)
+ Melaleuca Ericifolia Leaf Oil

all diluted @ 2% in Coconut Carrier Oil. 

We use it before and after Pre-School, Sunday school, or gym childcare. Or any other time when our toddler is encountering other kids with unknown quantities of germs and illnesses. 

Immune Boom:

This is the Kids Essential Oil version of Plant Therapy Immune Aid, I think the name explains it’s intent. Similarly to the other products listed it contains 100% pure essential oils.

This time ingredients include:
+ Lemon
+ Palmarosa
+ Dill Weed
+ Petitgrain
+ Copaiba Oleoresin
+ Frankincense Carteri
all diluted @ 3% in fractionated Coconut Carrier Oil. 

We are not as religious about using Immune Boom as we are the Nighty Night roller. However, when we know our kid has been exposed to an illness or shows up with a sniffle we are quick to head to dig it out. We usually apply Immune Boom to the back of the neck and the feet. It can also be used on the chest as well.


Plant Therapy has also packaged their more popular oils in kits as well. You can save a few dollars and get the benefits of multiple essential oils by buying them this way. The Starter Set contains 6 different oils supporting focus, wellness, and sleep. While the Wellness set contains 3 or 6 oils aimed toward immune support. Other sets include Top 3 (3 roll-ons), Synergy (6 roll-ons), and the Complete Set (20 roll-ons + 2 hard storage cases).

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