Kuhl Clothing Review – Fitted, Functional Outdoor Garments

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My Favorite Casual and Outdoor Apparel Review.

Kuhl is one of my go to brands. I’ve caught myself picking up their garments with increasing frequency over the last few years. In fact, I’m well overdue for a Kuhl clothing review. So lets dive into it!

The Kuhl Brand:

Kuhl was first introduced in 1990 as a clothing company. Before that the company existed as Alfwear, surviving from hat sales aimed toward the skiing community since 1983. The company was founded by 3 skiers and a rock climber.

By 1989 one founder remained, Kevin Boyle was determined to grow the business beyond hats. He used performance fabrics to design apparel for his own outdoor adventures. Finally in 1990, after a re-brand he released the Jacquard Polartec fleece jacket. This was the first jacket with a thumb-loop cuff system. In the years since Kuhl has remained a privately owned and financed company. The Kuhl brand has continued to grow under the influence of mountain culture. Every Kuhl contributor comes from an outdoor lifestyle and is also equipped with a passion to produce and wear the finest quality outdoor clothing.

Check out the entire company story on the Kuhl Website.

Initial Impression of Kuhl Clothing:

My first article of Kuhl clothing was a pair of Kuhl Revolvr pants. At the time I was transitioning from construction inspection to office IT work. Therefore a wardrobe transition was imminent. I needed to transition from rugged construction attire into something presentable while functional. Kuhl pants fit that bill because of the khaki like material which provides a more business acceptable image. Meanwhile the stretch panels and articulated knees enabled mobility for installs and fieldwork. Needless to say 1 pair wasn’t enough!

At the time few Kuhl Clothing Review (s) existed so I just bought a pair and decided to test them out on my own. After testing out my first pair for a few weeks I returned to the store in search of more styles and colors. Except this time I took notice of the jackets, fleeces, and lightweight long sleeves. Trying on a few different items I left knowing I had found a brand I could stick with. The fit was as perfect as you can get without custom tailoring. The price was also inline with other outdoor brands. But Kuhl clothing maintained a soft but rugged quality about it. And the color choices matched perfectly with my love for earth tones, heathered colors, and grays. That year my Christmas list consisted of nothing but Kuhl outdoor clothing. Except this time I intended to expand my Kuhl collection for casual and outdoor wear.

Building a Kuhl Collection

That Christmas I was lucky enough to receive Kuhl Outerwear as well as a couple of button ups. The button ups have become favorites of mine. They have a very anatomical fit, trim through the shoulders but long enough to actually cover the wrists. My Kuhl outerwear piece is a down puffer coat. It is warm without the bulk as a result it has become my go to winter errand coat. My only concern is the durability. The material seems thin and fragile so I take extreme caution when wearing it. I avoid the woods or anything that resembles work in it to be safe.

My other articles of Kuhl clothing have similar styling and fit, but exhibit much more rugged qualities. They are well made with mid-weight materials that have a soft, high quality feel. My entire Kuhl collection is versatile enough that I could wear it to work or church and then head straight outside for a hike. In fact, Kuhl has become my favorite brand of clothing for Fall and Winter casual wear. Now every visit to the mall includes a visit to the local Kuhl and Free Fly vendor to check the clearance rack.

Itemized Kuhl Clothing Review (s)

Kuhl Outerwear:

Projekt Jacket – comparable to – M’s Spyfire Jacket (raven) 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
+ A Favorite
+ 100% Goose Down jacket with articulated patterning and thermal body mapping.
+ Large baffles on the body with small baffles on arms. Minimizes bulk while maintaining core warmth.
+ 5 External and 1 internal pocket.
+ Softshell overlays in the high friction zones for durability.
+ Machine washable. Tumble dry low with 2 tennis balls.
++ This is the only coat I will actually wear for errands because most winter coats are too bulky or hot for me after I get into the store, restaurant, or truck.

Interceptr Vest (Mutiny Blue) 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
+ A Favorite
+ Durable Alfpaca Gold Fleece
+ 2 Chest and 2 Side zippered pockets
+ Low bulk seams
++ Great for layering warmth with a thermal while being stylish enough to class up a button up flannel or dress shirt.

Kuhl Tops:

Europa 1/4 Zip Sweater (oatmeal) 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)
+ Designed as a mid-layer for skiing. In the mid-west I often wear it instead of a jacket.
+ Heathered color options with multi colored yarn and Alfpaca Gold Performance Fleece
+ Shearling Collar and flat seams.
+ Machine wash and dry
++ I can wear this all day as a shirt with a tshirt under. Can also be used as a pullover jacket on a frigid day provided its not windy. I would give it 5 stars but I never know what to do with the collar on it. Do you zip it, pop it, or fold it?

Skar Crew (Black) 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) and Skar 1/4 Zip (Black) 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
+ Merino Wool. All the benefits of wool but without the itch or hassle.
+ Supersoft, Lightweight, and breathable.
+ Articulated pattern and Kuhl thumb loops.
+ Machine Washable. (the crew feels like it may have shrank a bit in length so dry with care)
+ Great for layering with a t-shirt in mild weather or under a jacket for colder temps. Keep a lint roller handy if you get black because it makes an excellent dog fur magnet!

Vendetta Hoody (Rusted Sun) 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
+ A Favorite
+ Organic Cotton (60%) and Polyester (40%) blend creates a technical jersey knit.
+ Breathable, moisture wicking, and quick dry.
+ Hood lays flat when not needed.
+ Underarm grommets add ventilation.
+ Kuhl thumb loops.
+ 1 sleeve pocket.
++Lightweight for casual wear or a chilly day on the trail.

Alloy (Graphite) 1/4 Zip 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
+ A Favorite
+ Articulated 5 panel sleeves and low bulk seams for layering comfort.
+ Kuhl Signature thumbloops
+ Moisture Wicking and Quick Dry due to polyester construction.
+ Machine wash and dry.
++ Great as an outer over a t-shirt in moderate weather conditions. It’s also fitted enough to comfortably wear under a jacket for layering.

Kuhl Button Up Tops:

Stoke (Anchor Gray) 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
+ Great Tapered fit with Kuhl patented 5-panel articulated sleeves.
+ 54% Cotton 46% Nylon
+ Never seems to get overly wrinkled
++ This shirt is great by itself but it makes for a comfortable put together look paired with the Interceptr Vest.

Shatterd (Ember) 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
+ Classic fit
+ 92% Cotton 8% polyester
+ Dual Chest pockets and metal buttons add detail.
+ Machine Wash and dry.
++ Labeled as a work shirt but its comfortable and presentable for casual wear.

Dillingr (Lava Rock) 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
+ This is my favorite of my plaid shirts
+ Supersoft blend of 57% cotton and 43% tencel
++ This is a new favorite casual shirt. It has a great fit and style without suffocating you with excess heat.

Fugitive (Abyss) 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
+ Supersoft blend of 57% cotton and 43% tencel.
+ Slight stretch without losing shape.
++Very similar to the Dillingr I just like the color and pattern of the other one a little better.

Kuhl Pants:

Revolvr (Carbon) 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
+ A blend of Cotton for comfort, Nylon for durability, and 3% spandex for flexibility.
+ Articulated fit and gusseted crotch for ease of movement.
+ Built in scuff guards and stretch panels add durability.
+ Convenient drop in cell pocket prevents restriction and damage from sitting on it.
+ Light, quick dry, no shrink, machine washable fabric.
++ Because of their versatility these are my go to for light hikes and chores. They go well with my sandals, Hey Dudes, Nanos, or even hiking boots.

Slax (Desert Khaki) 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
+ More acceptable in an office environment than the Kuhl Rydr, but rugged enough to hit the trail on the way home.
+ A blend of Cotton, Nylon, and 3% spandex
+ Machine wash and dry (tumble low)
+ Chino front, while maintaining the Kuhl standard cell phone pocket and gusseted crotch.
++ I like these for office days or Sundays when we want to get out and explore after church. I love the color but they are a bit light for doing much too rugged in.

Radikl (

The Wife’s Kuhl Womens Clothing Collection:

Lea Pullover (Ash) 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
+ Fitted look
+ Lightweight layer great for casual wear or on the trail.
+ Heathered Polyester (97%) for warmth and spandex (3%) for ease of movement.
+ Low bulk seams for comfortable layering.
+ Cowl neck with drawcord, hidden pockets, and thumb loops.
+ Machine wash and dry.
++ My wife and I bought this as a gift, she liked it so much she went back and got one for herself! It has become a winter staple in her wardrobe.

Kuhl Clothing Review Summary:

Kuhl has become a winter staple in my closet. The fit and style match my personality and lifestyle almost perfectly. And on top of that most of their garments are easy to care for and can be washed cool and tumble dried on low. In my experience clothing with complicated care instructions often gets ruined or set aside in fear of ruining it, fortunately that isn’t the situation with most of my Kuhl clothing. Thank you for reading my Kuhl Clothing Review! Hopefully it helped you make a decision about a purchase.

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