‘Dad’ventures – Outdoor Individual Sports as an Outlet


Many people use outdoor individual sports as an outlet. I have always enjoyed these activities but never made it a point to create time for them.

But, as we progress deeper into fatherhood (and Covid -19) sometimes life can feel a bit drab. Don’t get me wrong family time is amazing, but sometimes losing competitive activities like team sports can leave us feeling down and unfulfilled. Vacations were cancelled, work was a drag, softball and hockey were non-existent, and building materials for projects were difficult to come by. We were only 2 months into social distancing and I realized dad needed an outlet.

My personality type allows me go without the socializing and large crowds of people. So unsurprisingly my search for an outlet guided me back to individual fitness. I began with CrossFit style workouts in the garage and progressed into outdoor individual sports as an outlet. I turned to cycling with a little running and hiking mixed in. Soon I was all in on mountain biking and decided to sign up for my first event. I tend to go for broke so I picked a mountain bike marathon (52 mi) as my event. Choosing an event sparked all kinds of ideas of ways to train and adventures to go on. And I’m hooked. I intend to keep expanding on these new adventures (i’m now calling dadventures). Family is more than welcome to join in on the training and enjoy the events too!

As I Sign up for or go on new Dadventures I’ll update my Completed/To Do list and if worthy, a link to the blog post. Stay tuned, I have some catching up to do!

Deciding which Outdoor Individual Sports to use as an outlet? Here is my list so far…

‘Dad’ventures Completed:

  • Marathon Mountain Bike Race
  • Climb a 14er
    • Quandary Peak (near Breckenridge, CO) September 2020
  • Destination Mountain Biking
    • Moab, Utah (October 2020)
      • Whole Enchilada, Mag 7, Falcon Flow

‘Dad’ventures To Do:

  • Adventure Racing
  • Mountain Bike Events
    • Buffalo Headwaters Challenge (MTB)
    • BT Epic x2 (faster)
  • Century Ride
  • Destination Mountain Biking
    • Iceland (Dream Trip)
  • More 14ers

Would be cool ‘Dad’ventures:

  • Marathon (complete it)
  • Big Game Hunting
  • Get on a Podium (I’m still looking at things as a feat to complete so far)