Outdoor Gear

Rainy days allow for creation of dads outdoor gear reviews.

As a dad living in the Midwest I like to get outdoors from time to time. This is my escape from the every day grind. Sometimes it might just mean being outside to mow the yard but when given the opportunity I like to spend time doing outdoor hobbies. I know we all like to participate in different types of hobbies but occasionally there is some overlap or perhaps reading about someone else’s interest might spark you to try something new. Currently my hobbies range from hunting and fishing, to hiking, mountain biking, or even just shooting (archery or guns). Most of my hobbies require the need for some sort of equipment or gear. If you are anything like me you spend more time researching your next purchase than you do actually using it. Standard American Dad’s Outdoor Gear Reviews are a combination of my research and experience. Combined these are aimed at saving you time and helping you make the best decision possible about your next purchase.

I am constantly generating new content. So if you can’t find what you are looking for check back later or feel free to submit a request. If feasible I will look into acquiring using, and reviewing it. (depending on my needs, resale ability, and budget of course)

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