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Everyone has a junk drawer in their kitchen or pantry right? Everything that goes in it is there because it doesn’t have its own place to reside. Or occasionally because it just hasn’t made it’s way to the the trash yet. Product Reviews are no different. Sometimes they just need to go visit the archives never to be seen again. Other times they exist as a lone ranger in an upcoming category. But it’s difficult to put everything we have recently purchased into convenient categories. Sometimes these things are a one time purchase or something that we only need to buy on a rare occasion. Look to this section for some gift ideas, truck accessory suggestions, or even pet supplies and much more.

Also, for organizational purposes, if we have items that fall into the same category repeatedly showing up here we will create a new category to keep the clutter down and help you find similar products.

My interests and activities are constantly changing with the season and current stage of life. So like that junk drawer there is no telling what you might find here. Be sure to check back often for some of my latest interests and recently purchased quality finds. In addition, join our email list at the top of the page! This way you can be notified about new content right when it is published! If you find one of our reviews helpful be sure to share it with your friends.

Have a Review Request? Feel free to reach out with your requests to info@standardamericandad.com. If feasible we will do our best to acquire the product and provide thoughts via a review. Be patient this process takes a little time to acquire products, test, and write the review (After all I do still have a day job).