Inner Nerd


Everyone has an inner nerd. Some people wear it on their sleeve as a badge of identity. While others manage to keep it hidden from the rest of the world! Whether or not you choose to share your interests it’s natural to gain an interest or become an expert in something. Frequently these interests are what allow us to fit in with others. For instance, I prefer to geek out over something with my friends or coworkers. Others may prefer to connect with their online community of choice or internalize by keeping to themselves.

Develop your Inner Nerd

My inner nerd usually reveals itself in the form of deep story tv shows, history and architecture, games, and new technology. In addition, I also enjoy movie series’ based on books and comics. However, I have never actually read a comic book. Some may like to nerd out over fantasy sports and stats, some enjoy speculating about fantasy universes in books, comics, or television. While technology pioneers might enjoy exploring the latest of technological advancements including subjects like AI, cryptocurrency, and other less mainstream avenues. Others might choose to spend their time developing software or playing the latest games on consoles or gaming rigs. The truth is people like to define themselves in a million different ways and these interests often transition over time.

It doesn’t matter what interest you have chosen. There is a high likelihood that your passion requires some form of product in order to fully immerse yourself. If you are discovering a new interest or searching for something to get into we often need advice or ideas. Therefore, In this section I’ll share my experiences with products related to some of my recent nerdy interests. With luck there we will have similar interests. If not feel free to share ideas of things you believe I might enjoy!


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