Best Travel Friendly Belt – Arcade

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Tired of taking off your belt for airport security? Or maybe your leather belt weighs too much for your hybrid shorts? Let me introduce you to my new favorite travel friendly belt great for both casual and active wear! The Arcade Adventure belt is not only one of the best travel friendly belts but is also the best belt for hybrid shorts and active outdoor pants.

The Arcade Adventure Ranger Belt is a simple work of art. It is produced with a high quality elastic webbing for comfort and durability. In addition to comfort and style the belt is 100% metal free for easier passage through airport security. With a thickness of 1.5″ the low profile non slip plastic buckle is easy to slide through even the tightest of belt loops. In addition the belt has no holes allowing for endless adjust-ability and easy closure. Traditional styles of belts are also available for the less adventurous occasions.

If you are still trying to understand what this belt is like, picture a baseball belt with better colors, tighter fabric, no leather, and no metal. Prior to my Arcade Adventure Belt I used my old baseball belt for my hybrid shorts, and just fought the metal clip through the belt loops every time.

Travel Friendly Belt the Arcade Commuter Belt
Arcade Commuter Belt on Amazon

Discovering Arcade Adventure Belts

I first discovered Arcade Belts when I drew my cousin in law for a Christmas Secret Santa event. There is nothing worse than getting random junk that will never be used at a Secret Santa gift exchange. Therefore, I try to break that trend by getting a functional gift. My giftee was the adventurous outdoorsy type but typically more refined than myself. The best place I could think of to shop was our local GearHead Outfitters. With a maximum Secret Santa budget I found myself browsing clothing and Hydro flasks that couldn’t fit the bill.

Eventually after beginning to lose hope I came across the belt section. The rack was full of different styles and colors of budget and travel friendly belts. Most of which were Arcade Belts. I immediately knew I would need one too because they were stylish yet lightweight, and endlessly adjustable. They would be perfect for hybrid shorts, active outdoor pants, and could even function well for golfing. After all, there is nothing worse than struggling to keep your golf pants at the right elevation 12 holes into a round of 18.

Doing a little brand research for this review I also learned that Arcade Belts has a handful of youth options as well. They have fun designs and staple foundation colors for versatility. In addition they are a hassle free comfortable option for the littles that maybe outgrew their old jeans but haven’t quite filled out the next size! And the Arcade belt can even grow with them too! In fact I’ve just convinced myself our son needs one, in the cart it goes!

Arcade Youth Belt
Arcade Youth Belt 1.25″ elastic

Arcade Belt Final Thoughts

To maintain full transparency, I never got any feedback from my giftee and I’ve never actually seen him wear it. But, we typically only see each other 2-3x a year and normally in a social setting for holidays or at the lake. Besides who pays attention to or talks about their favorite belt anyway? He has had his for 2.5 years and I bought one for myself 1.5 years ago and still love it. It still looks like it did the day I bought it and hasn’t lost a bit of elasticity. It can even be machine washed and dried without taking it our of your pants!

Though slightly hesitant at first I have even worn it shooting on occasion. For some reason strapping a gun to an elastic belt at least encourages a second thought. But I’ve done it without any issue both with an IWB Holster and an OWB Holster. The ease of adjustability is great for carrying but I will urge a word of caution. Don’t unbuckle it while strapped, the weight of your gun can yank it through the belt loops and go clattering to the floor.

The styles, colors, textures, and weaves are endless so be sure to check out your favorite on Amazon for free shipping for Prime members. Or you can check out the company and get a feel for their culture at the Arcade Belts website. These work perfectly with my Oakley Hybrid shorts in the summer and Kuhl Pants in the Spring, Fall, and Winter. Check out my Kuhl Review here.